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STRAIGHT FROM OUR NETWORK! This UK family fulfilled a dream and launched a unique business in the South of France: Inspiration From Our Network

STRAIGHT FROM OUR NETWORK! 5 things you should understand before relocating to France. Expert and expat Louise Sayer of France-SOS tells all: Advice From Our Network

Imagine your new life in France: Think magical evening strolls through the rues of Paris and perusing your favorite bistros – ANY night you wish. Or perhaps you dream of lazy sun-filled days surrounded by golden sunflower fields, vineyards and towering medieval castles. Maybe a ritual morning bike ride with your children to your favorite Mediterranean beach cafe armed with a fresh baguette and warm croissants? Ahhh... simply taking life slower.

Well, congratulations - you made it here: The first step to making your future life in France a reality! Whether your goal is a slower pace of life, warm sun and blue skies, or maybe a new culture and language for your children, you're in a community of like-minded people. So this is it. Are you ready? Well, maybe you’re not sure. That’s where we come in…

Welcome to your site. After all, we created these pages not only to talk about us, but to motivate you to just do it: Move to la belle France!

Our first aim is to tell you why moving to France is the best thing that you WILL ever do for yourself and, if you have kids, certainly for them. Once you're sold (and you will be!), we'll inspire you and provide easy steps to make your relocation a reality. So now, sit back, grab a glass of your favorite French wine or aperitif, and enjoy the read...

STRAIGHT FROM OUR NETWORK: What are 5 things you should understand before relocating to France? Expert and expat Louise Sayer of France-SOS tells all here: Advice From Our Network

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